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What they say...

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One of the biggest changes I've noticed is how I see and value myself. By treating my body better, I feel like I am more myself and have so much more confidence in me.



I feel SO much stronger! I was a runner before starting with Bonnie, but never really felt like I was advancing with my strength and muscle toning until I had Bonnie to help kick my butt and push me



Bonnie is great at what she does and is truly a shining light in the world who cares about her clients and can help you achieve your fitness goals whatever they are!



The biggest change I've noticed is the amount of muscle I've gained specifically in my arms & legs. My body feels so much stronger and it's 100% ALL because of Bonnie.



Bonnie makes exercising accessible, health-oriented, and straight up fun. Somehow workouts that are tedious on your own fly by with her and they keep you accountable (this is key!!). So whatever your skill level, if you want a trainer who is like your most supportive friend and encourages you to be the very best version of yourself, stop reading this and GO BOOK A SESH. You won’t regret it.


Lindsay & Jay

"You will never find a more caring, fun, proactive or creative trainer. BodyRock's pricing is so competitive and the community is so supportive. I initially went into this as a few months thing to get in shape but now I am never letting go!"



Absolutely must do it. For the first time working out, I don’t feel embarrassed at what I can’t do or what I’m unfamiliar with. As a bonus—I always get to pick the music!



Take it from me someone who HATED working out, who dreaded hopping in on that first session. I am now working out 4-5 times a week and actually look forward to working out with Bonnie! She motivates me in ways that I can’t do myself.

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