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Who's that girl?...

"They wanna know
la la la la la la la la.." - E.V.E
Screen Shot 2020-10-18 at 6.17.05 PM.png's me, Bonnie!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Women's Fitness Specialist

Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Spin Instructor. Pro-Dancer. Singer. Actress.

Badass. Boss Queen. Feminist. Loyal Friend. Daughter. Sister. Aunt.

Social Sally. Chip Lover. Wine Sipper. Life enthusiast. Human.

Hey everyone! It's me Bonnie.

(Not "live from my Instagram" but I do that a lot, so make sure you follow along @Bondooz or @bodyrockbybk! )


Who am I as a trainer and coach? Your biggest cheerleader. A listener. A helper. Someone who just wants you to be the best version of yourself, for yourself.

What's your mission as a trainer and coach? Why did you start BodyRock by BK? My mission is to encourage and support every single person who comes to me whether as a private client or in classes. We are ALL worthy of feeling powerful, strong and capable. We are ALL on this planet for an unpredictable amount of time which shouldn't be spent feeling less than because of our size, shaming ourselves for eating an entire hoagie (girl. please... I'm from Philly --Wawa is life.) or worrying about what our family is going to think of the inevitable body changes that occurred because our worlds were rocked post-quarantine!


My calling and mission as a woman business owner, personal trainer and coach is to remind us all (me included!) that we are badasses. We are doing our best. And when we show up...even when we don't want to... that's when the work that matters happens. We have this! 

If you had to describe your training, what word would you use? Creative! As a performer, (BFA Musical Theater. Broadway National Tours. Regional Theaters. AEA Member. Woot Woot!) I have the ability to put together fun, flowing, creative movement that changes the game. I am able to keep your programming interesting by sticking to science and progressions that will make you stronger over time and get you the results you're seeking.  We will keep your brain working and incorporate all of the equipment you have. Just ask Sarah C! She's had one braided band, a yoga block and 5 lb. weights for 7 months of quarantine while gym equipment is still hard to come by and we are STILL finding fun ways to mix it up and get her muscle build on!

What's your view on nutrition? This is super important. My view is that we're all humans in 2020. Seamless is real, going out to dinner is one of the only socially-distanced activities to do right now, drinking is couch-able with your friends since you can't go out. Kids always come first. Virtual school is unreal (shout out to my sister who has 4 kids and 3 of them are in 3 different school ages!)  and when things "go back to normal" the hiccups will still be there. They'll just look different. Needless to say -- I get it and I am with you.


Finding balance is hard, right?!  Weight-loss is the number one reason people reach out. And with balance... healthier choices when we don't have plans... water intake... (all of that good stuff we're most likely neglecting while we're *not* socializing) is the important stuff. That's what will, over time, set us up to make healthier choices when picking Seamless or going out with friends. Yes, I am certified and knowledgeable on macros, caloric deficits and all that scientific good-good but I've been a human being longer. Sometimes, what we need is someone to check in with. To hold us accountable. To keep us consistent. This is when we will go out, shame-free, and the next day make the good choice and start off on the better foot to stay on track.


Disclaimer: *I will not be shelling out meal plans. They do not stick. We #will be going through the foods you like, supplying whole-food based shopping lists, helping you get creative and being mindful so that overtime -- we build sustainable lifestyle.*

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